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Working at Sono Bello

We'd like to introduce a few of our employees, from different locations and positions across the country. We asked them this question 'Why do you like working at Sono Bello?' Here is what they said:

'Sono Bello is a fast pace energetic and fun company that emphasizes patient safety and satisfaction. I appreciate being part of an enthusiastic growing company that encourages ideas and teamwork through building a culture of respect, professionalism, and excellence for its patients and employees. The dedication Sono Bello shows in creating a positive life changing experience for its patients is remarkable and impressive at the least'

Michael Williamson, Practice Manager, Sacramento, CA

'I enjoy working for Sonobello because it is a very rewarding job. I really love to be able to experience a life changing journey with the patients. The quality of care we provide is exceptional. I love being apart of such an amazing team.'

Julie Davis, RN, Tacoma, WA

'Working for SonoBello is such an enjoyable experience. Sharing the values of SonoBello and the passion to help meet each patient’s individual goals is highly rewarding. Behind the scenes, SonoBello becomes like a family, all employees throughout the company work closely together to be the best in the cosmetic field and I am proud to say that I am a part of this team!'

Gabrielle Longhurst, Physician Recruiter, Scottsdale, AZ

'As a Patient Care Consultant for Sono Bello, I am the first step in our patients’ decision to change their lives for the better. It’s an amazing experience watching their lives transform and their self esteem improve. As a team we all genuinely care about our patients results’ and experiences throughout the entire process. Not only is my job financially rewarding, the talent of Sono Bello is unmatched and I am honored to be a part of such a great company.'

Amy Curtis, Patient Care Consultant, Murray, UT

'I'm proud to work with the best. What Sono Bello offers, how it operates and the talent they employ are intrinsically the same. With the highest expectations of care and safety, this is also true with the quality of our patients' experience and the standards we exceed. Body contouring is a unique and personal decision for each patient, in that, it's my experience that Sono Bello is dedicated to being and providing the absolute best.'

Andrea Clark, Customer Care Center - Training Supervisor, Kirkland, WA
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