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We are pleased to welcome Dr. Michael Gellis as the new Chief Medical Officer of Sono Bello. 


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Physician Recruiting

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Michael Gellis, MD

Edmond Zingaro, MD


Alexander Sobel, DO

Donald Novick, MD


Physician Opportunities

It's your career.

Sono Bello is a world class national medical practice and is always looking for outstanding board certified plastic and facial plastic surgeons to add to our roster of talented surgeons in one of our 32 centers across the United States.


Our physicians have an opportunity to do what you have always wanted to do; focus on providing amazing surgical results to a diverse group of patients without the concerns of managing the practice.


Sono Bello physicians practice in AAAHC accredited centers across the country with the latest, most advance laser assisted liposuction and facial rejuvenation technology and techniques. Each surgeon is supported by a caring team of highly trained medical staff and a dedicated Practice Manager who make patient safety and satisfaction their number one priority. Our flexible schedules are perfect for the busy professional and we provide a medical environment that is emotionally satisfying, professional stimulating and financially rewarding.


Please submit your CV if you would like to find out more about this exciting opportunity and one of our representatives will contact you.

'The physicians of Sono Bello only perform Laser Assisted Liposuction at the highest level of excellence. The rewards are many for affiliating with this wonderful organization. No longer will you have to worry about the office overhead, malpractice insurance, scheduling patients, or coverage. That is all taken care of for you. You will receive top pay that can supplement your own practice income or rely on Sono Bello as your primary practice. Plus, you will also have the benefits provided from Sono Bello, health insurance, retirement accounts, disability and life insurance, and more. Stop punishing yourself in private practice and let us remove your headaches. Give us a call in order for us to tell you all about the Sono Bello Opportunity.'
Michael Gellis, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon & ASPS Member, Scottsdale, AZ

'I have been performing liposculpture/body contouring since I was a plastic surgery resident, nearly three decades now. It is still one of the plastic surgery procedures I truly enjoy doing. The Sono Bello Tri-Sculpt process has taken my skills to the next level, especially considering the volume and diversity of patients provided. It is really fantastic to perform so much of a procedure I really love and never worry about the business issues of private practice. I am now into my third year with Sono Bello and love going to work. For any plastic surgeon who really enjoys body contouring, Sono Bello is absolutely the best in the business.'
Ed Zingaro, M.D., Board Certified Plastic Surgeon & ASPS Member, Sacramento, CA




'I am now in my third year working full-time for Sonobello. It has been a low-stress, wonderful experience. I get to do what I enjoy, which is interacting with patients, their families and sculpting bodies. I like the fact that Sonobello is in charge of all the business aspects of the practice. I do not consider myself a business-person. I work 3-4 days a week. My typical day starts at 7am. I do 3-4 procedures with pre-ops and post-ops in between. I am usually home by 6pm. I get to enjoy the rest of the night with my family. The call is very light consisiting of 1-2 calls per month on my patients and is usually answering a questions about the dressings. I have every other weekend off which allows me to ski, hike and camp with my family. All the cases are outpatient, which means no hospital headaches or rounding. If you like to do body-sculpting and you are looking for a stress-free, comfortable lifestyle, you should seriously consider Sonobello.'
Eduardo Avila, M.D., FACS, FAACS, Murray, UT


'Among the strengths of Sonobello, I find the company's commitment to patient safety paramount. If you visit one of our centers, you will find the patient care areas comfortable, spotless, uncluttered and strictly organized. Further, you will note how detailed, explicit, timely and consistently the charts are maintained. Sonobello maintains consistency and safety through reasonable protocols across their centers while allowing their surgeons to express their individual medical and surgical judgment. I have learned much from Sonobello that I have taken back to my practices (both AAAHC and JCAHO-accredited) to improve both patient safety and environment of care. If you take time from your busy practice to work with another group, you must be confident that they are providing you with the environment and staff with which to take exceptional care of your patients; Sonobello has far exceeded my expectations and needs.'
Alexander Sobel, D.O., Board Certified by the Amerian Board of Cosmetic Surgery, Tacoma, WA





 I have been performing liposuction since 1983. I first heard about Sonobello in 2010. Every so often I would hear how many liposuction procedures were being performed each week at the local Sonobello clinic. The numbers were astounding. Two months ago I finally decided decided to find out why so many patients were choosing Sonobello. Since I knew the local Sonobello physicians, I paid a visit to the clinic. Of course, the decor was first rate. I was even more impressed by the friendly, professional attitude of the staff. The clinic operated efficiently with an emphasis on patient education and safety. The procedure rooms were well equipped. I had the opportunity to observe the Sonobello surgeons performing liposuction using awake tumescent local anesthesia. The patients appeared to be comfortable and often were able to chat with their surgeon during the procedure. Fat was being removed from multiple body areas with the patients being awake under safe monitored conditions.

After a full day visit I was determined to work with Sonobello. I am now a Sonobello physician and thoroughly enjoy interacting with the patients and staff of the Sonobello clinic.

Donald Novick, M.D., Board Certified by the American Board of Surgery and Plastic Surgery. San Antonio, TX

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